### N E W S   F L A S H ###

SRN version 2.1 is NOW AVAILABLE!
– Now including Free-Text Response – Better Reporting –
– Streamlined Interfaces – Up to 50 concurrent clients –
iPod and iPad Clients – Many more new features –

### N E W S   F L A S H ###

Are you at a NSW Department of Education & Training (Australia) Public School?  If yes, click here (accessible via NSW DET Intranet only).

SRN Client v2.0 after connection to the SRN Server...

There are two licence options available for Student Response Network:buynow

1. Student Response Network – Single Server Licence      
     (up to 50 clients in a single computer lab) – US$125.00


2. Student Response Network – Campus-Wide Licence
     (up to 50 clients each -unlimited servers) – US$195.00
– Must be registered to a single school/institution/campus
     – Separate Campuses require separate licences

paypalverifiedOrder with confidence! All order forms are filled and submitted on PayPal‘s secure server with the strongest encryption available. We do not process credit cards nor do we obtain or request any credit card information. All credit card processing is done by PayPal and we only receive the payment authorization. We are a PayPal Verified seller.

If you don’t have a PayPal account, you DO NOT need to create one – you can pay by credit paypalinfocard as normal, just look for the link to the LEFT of the Paypal Logon boxes :

If your school is unable to pay by credit card, payment by check is possible (purchase order/invoice), however almost all school purchases of SRN are made by personal credit card with the school or district reimbursing the purchaser. Please e-mail for other options or questions about purchasing SRN.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please allow up to 24 hours for electronic delivery of your registered copy of SRN.



  1. Looks like a great program that my school can afford. Sure you don’t want to move the South Dakota and teach?

  2. South Dakota sounds lovely David. I hope you like SRN at your school.

  3. I will be demonstrating your product to faculty during the week of Jan 18th and anticipate that we will be purchasing a site license thereafter. I think that they will find it useful and easy to use.

    As I understand it, the $195 will cover all of our labs at our campus. Correct?

    Thank you,

    Dr. Edward Crook
    Director – Learning Technologies.

    • Yes Dr. Crook, you understand correctly! When placing your order, just be sure to specify your Campus or School name in the Paypal box when asked.

  4. […] will only support up to 5 computer connections. There are versions for Windows, Apple and Linux. Here’s the link if you wanna’ buy it. This is by the same teacher that made the quizboxes jeopardy game! By […]

  5. Hi,
    Once installed on the teachers and students computers, do you need access to the internet in order to use this programme?

    • Hi Suzanne, No you do not need internet access, you just need all of the computers connected to the school’s network, either wired or wirelessly, or any combination.

  6. Hello,
    does it work with 200 or 300 students at the same time?

    • Hi Alain, No, it works with up to 50. It’s designed for use in a classroom rather than a large lecture hall.

  7. Ever thought of going with 5 responses on the multiple choice? – that would be more compatible with the AP exam format, which drives much of high school curriculum.

    • Hi Mark. There are no plans to change the multiple choice optionsw at this stage.

  8. We would like a quote for a campus wide liscense for this product. We currently have a clicker solution but would like an alternative to the high cost of this product. We have 6 campus locations and would like some additional information. We like this product. It is simple to set up and use.

    • A quote and further information has been emailed to you. Thanks for your inquiry.

  9. I like what I see of SRN. It would do exactly what I’d want it to do. I run a Mac in my classroom.

    Count this as a plea for a ‘port’ of SRN for Mac OS X. That’d be so cool.

    • Hi Sean, Only SRN Server would need porting. I have clients for OSX, iPod/iPhone and now iPad. I have noted your request (with the others), but it’s not a little job. The server module is a complicated bit of code. 🙂

  10. Hi Stu,
    I’ve signed into the DET portal but the link to access the SRN does not work. Does this sytem allow for short sentences? How do I gain access to it as part of the NSW DET? Can you direct me to a video that actually shows how this particular system works?



  11. Okay – I’ll try it at school and hope it gets around the huge expenditure of clickers. Grazie

  12. Hi Stu,

    We currently have a campus wide license at All Saints Catholic Boys College. Just wondering what it would cost us to upgrade to the latest version.

    Looking to revive the use of your product now that we are a fully 1:1 MacBook school.


    • Hi Matt. Details for upgrading have been emailed to you.

  13. Firstly, I’d like to add my voice to the requests for an OS X server and secondly, is there an easy way to check if our campus already has a site licence? My campus is quite large.

    • Hi Andrew. No promises for an native OSX Server module. 🙂 Feel free to email me with your campus name and I can tell you if you have a licence and who the contact is. stu_hasic @

  14. I have 120 students but only 30 at a time. Would this be avaliable for my class and can the each login be used by many different studnets at different times in the day and would that account be linked to many different students. I hope that makes sense. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Shane. The SRN client use is completely free and it is irrelevant how many different students use the clients in their various flavors. SRN Server once registered unlocks the program to work with up to 50 clients simultaneously, regardless of who they are. Hope that answers.

  15. Is the license an annual fee or a purchase fee?

    • Hi Tom. It’s one-off. There are no annual or other maintenance costs.

  16. Is it possible to upgrade from single server to campus-wide license?

    • Hi Mark, Yes. The cost will be US$125.00. Just order a second single lab licence and include your school name in the order and we’ll forward you the campus registration.

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