Here are some of the common questions in no particular order about Student Response Network.

Q: Do you take VISA/Mastercard and other credit cards, or only PayPal?
You can pay for SRN by credit card (VISA/Mastercard and others) without a PayPal account and without needing to set up a PayPal account. We do use PayPal’s merchant services to process secure online credit-card payments, but this is not to be confused with using PayPal; it is a standard credit card processing service, which happens to be provided by the same company. Our current choice has been to avoid the risks associated with keeping customer credit card details ourselves by handling payments through a secure and trusted third-party.  If your school is unable to pay by credit card, payment by check is possible (purchase order/invoice), however almost all school purchases of SRN are made by personal credit card with the school or district reimbursing the purchaser. Please e-mail stu_hasic@yahoo.com for other options or questions about purchasing SRN.

Q: What exactly is a “Single Server Licence” for SRN?
 A “Single Server Licence” for SRN entitles you to run the SRN Server (teacher/presenter) application on one computer – Some examples of where this licence is approprate for you:

– if your school has just one computer lab, the teacher’s computer can use use this licence with up to 50 computers (SRN clients) in that computer lab.
– if your school has a “portable” computer lab – wireless laptops on a trolley – then the teacher’s computer working with that trolley can use this licence with those laptops with one class at a time.
– if one teacher has their own allocated laptop, this licence can be allocated to them, and they can run SRN sessions with multiple classes – but only with one class group at any one time. In this case, two teachers wishing to use SRN at your school would each need their own Single Server Licence.
– As soon as two or more teachers at your school want to use SRN, or you have the equivalent of two or more computer labs (wired or wireless), it would be best to order a Campus-Wide Licence of Student Response Network.

Q: What exactly is a “Campus-Wide Licence” for SRN? 
A:  A “Campus-Wide Licence” for SRN entitles your school / college / university / training center to run the SRN Server (teacher / presenter) application on as many computers simultaneously as you need at any one geographical campus. The licence must be registered to the desired campus name when ordering.

– If your school / college / university has more than one campus then each campus wishing to use SRN will need to order this licence separately. 
– The same limitation of 50 SRN Clients per SRN server (teacher/presenter) applies to both licence options – this is a technical limitation.

Q: My school ordered a single lab licence of SRN, but we’d like to upgrade to a Campus-Wide licence. Is that possible?
A: Yes. The cost will be US$125.00. Please e-mail stu_hasic at yahoo.com if you’d like to arrange this.

Q: My school ordered SRN version 1, but we’d like to upgrade to version 2. Is that possible?
A: Yes. There are discounted prices for upgrading either single lab or campus-wide licences to v2. Please e-mail stu_hasic at yahoo.com if you’d like to arrange this.

Q: Is a Linux version of SRN Client available?
A: YES! Take a look on the Downloads page.

Q: Is an Apple iPod Touch or iPhone version of SRN Client available?
A: YES! Take a look on the Downloads page.

Q: Is an Apple iPad-specific version of SRN Client available?
A: YES! Take a look on the Downloads page.

Q: To avoid copying the client (SRNclient.exe) to each workstation, can it be run from a shared folder on the fileserver?
A:Yes, and this is the recommended method. Write permissions to the folder on the server where you place the client are not necessary for client users. They just need Read and Execute permissions. To make it even simpler for users, a shortcut could be placed on the Desktop of each workstation.  Here are some instructions for configuring Windows server Group Policies to allow SRN Server to run from any computer by automatically configuring Windows Firewall.

Q: How does a user (client) know what IP address to enter when joining into an SRN Server session?
A: On the server screen, the SRN Server will display the server’s IP address in a large black window. If the server’s screen is not being projected for the group, the teacher/presenter will need to let all clients know what the IP address of the server is, perhaps by writing it up on the board.

Q: Our workstations all use a firewall. What IP settings does SRN use?
A: The TCP Port setting can be set by the user. Port 3128 is the default setting and “should” be OK to use in any internal local area network.  3128 is usually reserved for proxy servers, but it would not cause any issues being used by SRN. Only the PC or laptop being used to run SRN Server may need Firewall exceptions applied. If you find that you need to unblock access for SRN Server to run correctly, you will probably temporarily need  local administrator access to the SRN Server host PC. SRN Clients will work happily with Windows Firewall. If your computers use a 3rd party more complete firewall, you may need to explicitly grant access to SRN Server and SRN Client to use the local area network.

Q: Once a question/response session has started, is it possible for clients to leave and or new clients to join?
A: Yes, clients can leave at any stage before, during or after a Question/Response session.  But in order to join an already commenced response session, the teacher/presenter will need “Enable New Connections” in the Server module (a simple check box). This will obviously affect any score tallies the system has been recording, but not detrimentally.

Q: The “Raise Hand” (purple) button does not seem to work when a Yes/No or Multiple Choice response is active. Why not?
A: That is correct. “Raise Hand” will only work when no other response activity has been enabled. It has been disabled because it would be distracting.

Q: If the Client List is not visible (has been turned off on the server), how can you tell which client has raised their hand?
A: You can’t. The Client List is the vehicle for all responses except FreeText and the “Buzzer” and identifying them. You will still hear the Raise-Hand chimes.

Q: How do you “clear” or “accept” a raised hand to allow others to raise hands?
A: Just click on the raised hand or the client’s name in the Client List to clear it.

Q: Is it possible for clients (users) to submit more than one answer for a question? eg. if they change their mind about an answer?
A: No. It needs to be explained to users that their first answer is the only one accepted. This promotes the need for students to be decisive – to think about their answer before responding.

Q: What feedback does a user (client) receive to say their response has been received?
A: Assuming the teacher’s/presenter’s screen is being projected at the front of the group, in the Client List, the client should see an orange icon to the left of their name. You normally would not proceed to the next question until all connected clients have responded, however you can override this by clicking the small STOP button. The teacher/presenter can instantly identify any clients that have not yet responded and alert them to do so.

Q: The Client List is too small for my students to read. Is there anyway to enlarge it?
A: YES! Click on the Magnfying Glass at the left of the main SRN Server window. It will put a magnifier on the Client List which you can drag around as desired.

Q: Is it possible to record the correct answer to a question without viewing the barchart of all responses?
A: No, you must click the letter of the correct answer when the barchart is displayed. If you do not wish for respondents to see the barchart, just block  or blank the projector image.

Q: One of my students is being very annoying by continually clicking the Raise Hand button or entering multiple inappropriate FreeText responses. Is there anything that can be done to stop this?
A: Hopefully this type of poor behavior can be controlled using normal classroom management procedures, but as a last resort, it is possible to disconnect any client (and stop them reconnecting) – thereby excluding them from the activity. To do this, just right-click on the annoying student in the Client List and choose Disconnect Client.

Q: When I used your Powerpoint Template in slideshow mode, it covers the SRN Server window (but not the Active Clients List and Bar Chart of Results. How can I get the SRN Server window back to turn on a question request?
A: Use Alt-Tab on your keyboard to switch to the SRN Server application (icon looks like a server) and that will bring it to the front while the slideshow is still visible. You are right, the Clients list and Bar Chart will always be on top, regardless of whether you are in a slideshow or not.

Q: Is it possible to change the default “ding” sounds in SRN to something else?
A: Yes! In the SRNserver\Resources folder, you’ll find two MP3 files. Just replace them with alternate MP3 files with the same name.

If you have any specific question that isn’t already here, just ask it in the comments box below and you’ll get an answer within 24 hours.



  1. I’d like to use this at my school and am considering a purchase for a site license. Is there a way to create a 5th multiple choice for Letter E? The standardized testing I use has 5 choices.

  2. Hi Karen. No, sorry, four-way multiple choice is all you get at this stage.

  3. Is there a way to have the client appear further up the screen – we are using small netbooks with students and in our tests can not get the client to appear on the screen. Even when we hook up to a larger monitor, change resolution, move the client up the screen and restart the client returns to its position well below the screen.

  4. Hi Peter. Yes, Netbooks with very small vertical resolution are a problem. I’ll fix this on 4 March 2009 to relocate the client to the top of the screen by default. You should be able to download a replacement client from the Downloads page.

  5. Hi Stuart. Great piece of software. I downloaded your trial version and put it on my home network to “play with. I gave the SRN program permissions to the firewall on both my computers. I started the SRN server worked OK, but when I started the SRN client got a message stating couldn’t find server or server disconnected

  6. Hi Graham. Start with SRN Server. If you have firewall enabled, be logged on as the local admin. Run SRNServer can click Start. Windows Firewall should come up with an option to unblock. Andy 3rd Party firewall should give you an option to “Allow”. With a 3rd party firewall, you should allow AND tell it to remeber that setting.

    With the clients, if you are only running Windows Firewall, you don’t have to do anything. With a 3rd Party firewall, again, you’ll have to Allow SRN Client when you choose to Connect.

    That should be it.

  7. Hi Stuart,
    My year 12 class really enjoyed the revision activity using your software-thankyou for providing it. We did have one problem-one of the machines “froze” because of a virus attack, and this meant that the round could not be completed. We had to stop the quiz and start again-is there anyway to ignore someone who hasn’t responded, and keep going with the game?

  8. Hi Dinos. If a computer drops out for whatever reason, it needs to connect back in with the same name, then it can be disconnected properly, or they can continue.

    A future version will allow for overriding and getting the results at any point, regardless of who hasn’t responded.

  9. I tested it at home with a pc as the server and a mac as client using wireless. It worked
    However, when i returned to school, it didn’t work. (we use wireless network in school with cisco access point and proxy server)
    Is there anything I have to change in the proxy setting or else?

  10. Hi cwau.

    Are we talking about the same computer being used as the SRN server in both cases? (i.e. a notebook you took home and brought back to school). If yes, then I’d be looking to verify the Cisco access point is not blocking TCP traffic. Easiest was to see if this is the issue is to avoid the wireless and plug in to the network for both the server and client PC as a test.

    If it’s a different PC at school, I’d be verifiying that Windows Firewall has UNBLOCKED SRN Server. This is done by logging on as the local administrator, running SRN Server and starting the server. When logged on as administrato, if firewall is blocking it, it will pop up a box offering the chance to unblock it. Similarly, if you use any other type of firewall, it needs to be told that SRN Server can be trusted.

    Hope that helps.

  11. thanks 4 the quick response.
    when i plug in the cat5 cables for both server and client, it worked beautifully.
    same computers , they didn’t work on wireless. the message was “unable to connect”
    the server is win xpp, client is mac os x

  12. OK cwau. So if at school with wired SRN Server works fine, but when connected wirelessly it doesn’t connect, then it’s likely your wireless connection is blocking certain types of traffic – namely TCP and/or UDP. SRN Server is using a direct TCP connection to an IP address. I’d get your network admin person to check the wireless access points to see what traffic it allows/blocks. You’ve proven it works at home with wireless, so there is a difference of config between home and work wireless.

  13. Hi Stu,

    I used SRN for a Maths Pre-Test with my students, they loved it!
    Just curious, when I shut the program down, the output was an excel spreadsheet in CSV format. Is there a way I can change the output?
    the problem is that I wanted the students names to be going from top to bottom on the spreadsheet and then the question numbers going from 1 – 26 from left to right on the top and the students actual responses correlating with the question and their name (i.e. like x&y coordinates). Is this achieved easily (as I remember at the Connected Learning Conference you did this?). Cheers


    • Hi Scott, I’m glad it went well (I suggested it would, didn’t I?). The Excel spreadsheet at the ned can be saved as Excel format by going File…Save As and changing the file type.

      At the Connected learning Conference, what I did was Sort the table by Name, then by Question Number. That put all of Adam’s answers first in order, then Brian’s etc.

  14. Stu… this looks very interesting… We have an environment that has multimedia consoles in the classrooms with wired connections in an ip range that is different from the student wireless ip range. I was unable to get the clients to see the server. Is the cause likely this difference in IP addresses, 192.x.x.x vs 172.x.x.x?

    • If you have a routed network, the two different subnets should be able to see each other. If not, then no. Try go to the command prompt and PING the address of one of the (switched on) clients from the teacher’s computer, and try the opposite. If you get replies, then you can see each other and the problem is most likely a firewall on the teacher’s PC that is blocking the server from running.

  15. i was wondering how to use SRN in Smart Notebook 10. i need to use things that you push a button for the right answer like the scene it button things. is there a way to do that? thanks man.

    • Hi Joe, Are you referring to students separately, but at the same time clicking their answer in SRN? If yes, then you need to create your questions using the SMART Notebook template that you can get from the Downloads page. You’d display those to the students one at a time and turn on Multiple Choice on your SRN Server and check the results after each one. If you’re referring to creating an interactive SMART Notebook with nothing to do with real-time polling of students, then I’m afraid you’re at the wrong place. You need a place that provide SMART Notebook ideas like: http://trunc.it/4wxoe

  16. i work with disd dallas tx. we use kapersky antivirus. it blocks the client calling it a trojan. any suggestions?

  17. Hi Chase. I can guarantee that Kapersky is producing a false-positive and you will need to report it to Kapersky via email. Details are here: http://support.kaspersky.com/faq/?qid=208279269

  18. I have sent kaspersky an email but since i have enterprise lic. i dont have password to adjust setting. our IT has refused to provide it or make adjustments for employee. i made mistake and made adjustments to hacker portion. little did i know i was able to make more restrictive but then cant adjust back to default settings. but all our computers i have tried it on zap the client and ignore the server. i will see if kaspersky responds besides auto respond

    • What does Kapersky say it is when it kills it? They definitely should act on false positives quickly. Just tell them to check this download: http://stuhasic.com/srn/SRNclient.zip and the exe file inside it. There is NOTHING of concern in there. SRN contains no adware or malware of any kind.

  19. After starting the Server side, I am unable to shut it down. How do I go about this?

    • Hi Cory. When you are ready to start the server, you’ll note that the window is about twice the size in height in order to show your IP address and master server settings (and the Start button). When you click that start button, the window shrinks upward to take up less screen real estate. In the middle of that window at the bottom, you’ll notice a small handle. When you mouse over that handle, your pointer turns into a double-headed arrow. Click on it and you’ll see the Stop button. Click on it again and it will shrink back down again.

  20. Excellent,
    Thank you very much for a quick response and great piece of software. On another note, have you considered providing the student with a question, outside of projecting the server side screen. More like a broadcast from the teacher server to the student

    • At present there are no plans to “push” questions to the clients. They can be displayed on the teacher’s projector, printed on paper or spoken aloud.

  21. Hello! We would love to use your product campus wide. However, all our teachers use Macs. Any plans to do a Mac version of the Server application?

    • Hi Pfitz. At present, there are no plans to make an OSX version of the SRN Server module.

  22. Hi there
    Am playing with the trial version, and the close buttons (red crosses) are disabled on both server and client programs. I’m assuming this isn’t right?

    • Hi Alan, it is right. When you first start both programs, the close button is enabled. But once you start the SRN Server, it becomes disabled. And once the SRN Client Connects to the SRN Server, it’s close button becomes disabled. This is because they are both in a communications session and terminating one or the other can be problematic.

      To terminate the client, just expand the window and click Disconnect. To terminate the server, expand that window and click Stop.

      • Excellent! Thanks for such a speedy reply.

  23. Have used ver 1 for a couple of years Got Ver 2. Happy to see you incorporated some of my suggestions — especally the reporting layout, thanks

    Have a couple of things I need help with.

    1 With ver 1 I could have students just put in a number 1-30 (the number matching thier computer station) and that would show up on the client list. With Ver 2 the list “looks” blank–I think the justification is too far to the right and I can not widen the collumn any solutions??

    2. With Ver 2 when I tested a trial I was able to get a .txt log of students free text responces. I have not been able to do that with the purchased lab set. Am I setting it up wrong or is that feature gone?

    Thanks for a wonderful product at a price I can afford–since my district is slow to provided funds, I often fill in the gaps myself.


    • Hi Rick. Thanks for the comments. Here are your answers:
      1. With v2, there was a need to increase the width of the Name column as some users have long names. You’ve chosen to have just one or 2 digits for the client names, and since they are digits, it right justifies them in the wider column. Most schools would get the students to put their own name into the client, but I guess since you’re in a lab, you want to make it easy for them by just having the computer number already stored in the client and they just click Connect. What you could do is maybe add three zeros to the end of each number just to pad it out a bit – eg, 1000, 2000, 3000 etc. That may help. By the way, have you discovered the new magnfying glass button in the SRN Server? Really nice.

      2. To get SRN to record the FreeText responses and show them at the end, you need to uncheck “Enable FreeText” at the end of the free text session. If you fail to do this and just click the Stop button, you will not get the free text log file.

      I’m pleased you are finding SRN useful. 🙂

  24. Hi Stu
    We are using SRN to assess our classes and the kids love it. We just had a problem yesterday when at the end when we were trying to run the xcel report a error message appeared “runtime error 9 “and were not able to produce a report.
    Would you have any idea why this occurred?
    Thanks Sondra

    • Hi Sondra. Nobody’s reported such an error before. Could you give me a rough idea of how many questions were asked, how many participated and if you used freetext or not? Have you been abe to get the report normally on other occasions of using SRN?

      • Hi Stu
        We had 40 multiple choice questions and about 24 students doing the exam. No freetext was used. It did take about 60min to complete the exam, would that be the problem?
        We have been able to get the results before using SRN, no problems at all. This time though excel would not open with the results.
        Thanks for your help

      • Thanks Sondra. Not sure why it didn’t display. By default, the logfile is called SRNlog-.csv and you’ll find it in your local profile in the Local Settings, Temp folder. If you haven’t cleared your temp files, it may still be in there on the computer where you used SRN Server.

  25. Hi, I was able to get the server working. However, my antivirus program (Avira AntiVir) says that the Client program is a trojan “Tr/Click.VBiframe.cge.” Is this a false positive?
    Thanks for your help. Aaron

    • It definitely is a false positive. SRN is in use in almost a thousand schools. It doesn’t even “phone home”.

  26. Hi!!
    I have dowloaded the server app. Already had client on computers in conn c/room. How do I go about broadening the amount of clients. Currently is only allowed 5 clients?? It is all working well with 5 but I wish to use for a whole class.

    • Hi Matt, You will need to register the trial SRN program. Scroll to the top of this page and click the Buy option for more details.

  27. Will SRN be available for android phones in the future?

    • There are plans to produce an Android client for SRN, but at present, there is no ETA.

  28. Hi Stu,
    One of our maths teachers is using your software wonderfully with the Yr9 DER netbooks. He would like to use it with the older versions (yr9/10) and has tried adding the exe file to the desktop with obviously no luck. Do you have a workaround?

    • Hi Russell. Yes, your school’s TSO is preparing to do a refresh of the image of the 2009 and 2010 laptops and SRN will be on it. You’ll need to be a little patient. 🙂

  29. Hi Stu, thank you for the fantastic application.

    Just testing on a mac client & windows box at home before trialing in school –
    am I using the PowerPoint template correctly? if I have 10 multiple choice questions – on the server enable multiple choice, show the first question slide, when everyone has answered, click ‘results’ button, click correct letter in results window – close results window – move to next slide in PowerPoint, enable multiple choice again & repeat … what does multi response do on the server? (thanks again)

    • Hi Paul. SRN allows for questions to be asked ad-hoc. You anable whatever question type whenever you want to ask that type of question. So your understanding is correct. The “Multi Response” option is specifically related to free-text responses. By default, this is turned off, so you want just one free text response from each person, before asking for multiple replies. This article explains it better – http://studentresponsenetwork.com/2009/11/29/the-power-of-srns-freetext/ – hope you’re liking SRN.

      • Thanks Stu, liking SRN!

  30. Love your software. When trying to use it over wireless most students can log-on and be displayed, but immediately some start to drop off, and the remainder can only make one or two responses before their clicks aren’t registered. What can I tell my tech. to start troubleshooting? We’re a bog-standard Queensland State school, with the normal Education Queensland network set-up.

    • Hi Craig. When they drop off, is their wireless signal disappearing as well? Can they browse internet? Does the wireless signal go off and on? Please email stu_hasic@yahoo.com to discuss further.

  31. I downloaded your trial software and installed/started the server as instructed. I pressed the “Allow Access” button for my firewall and the server seemed to start up okay. The Server IP it gives is When I try to run the client software all devices state “Server at is disconnected or invalid.” I can’t get anything to work. Please advise.


    • Hi Jon, From the client PC, can you PING the server PC – Do you get replies? Are you running 3rd-party firewalls on any of the computers?

      • I get all 4 replies when I ping. I am not running any 3rd-party firewalls and have even tried with turning off all my firewalls. No connection can be established. Please help as my institution is very interested in purchasing your software for our tablet learning curriculum.


      • Thanks Jon. Let’s move the discussion to email. I’ve sent you some more things to test.

  32. Is this program compatible with windows 7?

    • Absolutely. The screenshots on the home page here are from Windows 7. Both 32-bit and 64-bit compatible. Get the free trial and test it for yourself.

  33. Stu,

    We have been using SRN for use in training emergency medicine residents with much success. Thanks for such a great product. Any plans to fully integrate SRN with powerpoint? The switching back and forth is a bit combersome when doing a multiple choice questions in power point Lot of clicks to get results and to go back to the lecture powerpoint. Let me know. Thanks!


    • Hi Jonathan, I’m really pleased that SRN has been working well for you. I tried to answer tis question in the FAQ (second last question above), but it’s not totally clear. If you have your PPT running as a show and SRN is in the back and you want to bring it to the front to enable a question type, you can either press and hold down Alt and press Tab once to display all running programs. If it’s just PPT and SRN Server, it should automatically highlight SRN Server. Let go and SRN Server should appear on top of the show. Then select your question type and run the response activity. When you have finished and wish to move on, just click on the show which is still in the background to bring it back to the front.

      As an alternative, if you have several programs running in the background, have your show running then hold down the Windows key and press tab. The Taskbar will appear, making it easy to select SRN Server. Both ways allow you to keep the show displayed on the screen in the background.

      Hope that’s sufficient, Let me know.

  34. Greetings,
    Just purchased a Campus license for our school… however when running the server program all the windows seemed chopped off or to large – this is especially a problem when I see the bar chart results – all the bars are off the grid and don’t line up -and the window seems chopped off. I have tried different resolutions to see if that helps as well.. This is the same weather on the students PC tablets or on my main computer. All running Windows 7 starter or Windows 7 Home. I did. Also is there no way to resize the free text response box? Thanks ahead for any assistance.

    Link to image of what I see:

    • Hi Sam. In Windows 7, you have “LARGE FONTS” turned on in your display settings in WIndows. You need to set it to SMALL fonts. Right-click on the Desktop, choose Personalize, then Display and you either have the screen magnification set to 125% or 150% – drop it back to 100% (small). Then it will work fine.

  35. How can you let other people view responses on their computers as well as the host?

    • Hi Alissa, thanks for your question. SRN Client is a one-way device only, so you can SEND your response from it, but it doesn’t receive any information. The intention is that the teacher or presenter uses a projector or large screen with which to show all responses. Hope you’re liking SRN.

  36. I am getting an error saying Run-Time Error 7 Out of memory when i try to run SRNServer

    • Hi Trevor, at what point exactly does the error appear? What did you do immediately beforehand? Also, what’s your PC running Win 7? XP? Vista? Do you have a network connection? Have you tried another computer?

  37. Great software! I have a static IP on the machine that I run SRNServer from. Is there any way to start the client from the command line? I’d like to create shortcuts on the desktop that would start the client and connect to the server with a specific name… Would be a GREAT help with Kindergarteners using this in class. They love the clickers but I spend so much time trying to get 25 of them all connected at teh same time.
    something like SRNclient.exe /ip: /name:Station_25

    • Thanks Mark. That’s a good suggestion. I’ll look to adding that feature to the Windows SRN client in the next few weeks. Will email you when it’s ready.

      • Just checking back to see if you had any time to look into this feature. I just really love this product!

      • end of year reviews and they love the clickers! Any progress on the command line interface?

      • Just thought I check to see if there were any changes. My kids love SRN, The young ones want to play the “clicker” game (sshhh, don’t tell them it’s an assessment).

  38. Stumbled upon your iOS app, found the website, got excited, then saw the note about the “server” needing to be Windows. We haven’t had a Windows system in a classroom in three years. So, following up on the comment from 2010, are there still no plans for an OS X version of the server component?

    • Hi Brent. No change I’m afraid. You need a Windows PC or you need to be running Windows on your Mac in order to use the SRN Server module.

  39. Hello, trying out the trial version, was able to get on computer, however I get the message that server at ( disconnected or is invalid. I tried off my own computer and a student computer. I could connect, but got message when tried to “raise hand. Student got message when they tried to connect. Suggestions?

    • Hi Sandy. Can you confirm the first time you ran SRN Server that you were logged on as a local administrator and when you started the server you were prompted to UNBLOCK the Windows Firewall to allow SRS Server to operate? And that you did unblock it? Once you have done that, it should work fine – unless you have some other firewall installed that is blocking it.

  40. Will there be an Android version of the SRNClient?

    • Not unless someone develops one. I am unable to myself.

      • Send me your Source code for the iPhone/iPad and I’ll translate it to Android for you.

      • Done and done. Email me back if you have any questions.

  41. Hi, I found your program (and your Quiz Boxes), and I really like the idea. I’m preparing for the next school year, and I’m supposed to provide my colleagues with smart uses of the computer/iPhones/smart phone/etc in class.
    I’m at home now, and there I only have a Mac, so I installed VMWare Fusion, and Windows 8.1 to try it out.
    After the installation, I tried SRN Server, and it just beeped, no screen came up. So, I also ran the “win8lib64setup.exe” program (as Admin). After that, SRN Server complained with a Run-time error 339: Component ‘MSCOMCTL.OCX’ or one of its dependencies nog correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid’

    What to do????
    Thanks for your help (and program)!

    • Hi Fokke.
      Is your Win 8.1 64-bit or 32-bit? That patch is only for 64-bit.

  42. Sorry to not come back to you earlier! I have a 64-bit Win 8.1 running here. But I’m afraid your program won’t be used at my school: the IT people are afraid of too many network collisions, so they will not allow apps to run like this.

    • Sounds like your IT people have no clue about how this runs or network collisions.

      • 🙂 could be! I’ll keep on asking them to really look into it.

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