### N E W S   F L A S H ###

SRN version 2.1 is NOW AVAILABLE!
– Now including Free-Text Response – Better Reporting –
– Streamlined Interfaces – Up to 50 concurrent clients –
iPod and iPad Clients – Many more new features –

### N E W S   F L A S H ###

Student Response Network Trial Software:

SRN Server v2

Student Response Network v2.1 is available for an unlimited free trial period. The only restriction is that the server module can only support up to five (5) simultaneous client connections. This is sufficient to test the effectiveness of the solution. If you only have five students in your class, or only five computers in your network, it’s yours – free – you’ll never need to buy it.  But if you need more connections, you’ll need to read the Order page.

SRN v2.0 Trial - Alternate Mirror

SRN Trial – v2.1 

The Trial release of Student Response Network is supplied in ZIP form (0.99MB).  Just download it to your desktop then open it.  Inside are two folders: SRNClient and SRNServer.  There is also a Readme file with further instructions.

The fully registered version of Student Response Network can cater for a class of up to fifty (50) simultaneous client connections. If you have any questions about the download process, ask them below.

SRN Client v2.0 after connection to the SRN Server...

Download Alternate SRN Clients (including FreeText):


WINDOWS 8 USERS – We have just released a libraries fix for Windows 8 64-bit computers to allow SRN to run. Please download the following program:

You need to be logged onto your PC as an administrator, then right-click on the program you downloaded and choose Run as Administrator. A status bar will flash up on the screen, then disappear. When complete, try running SRNServer from the SRNserver folder.

NOTE: While SRN Server is a Windows-only application (i.e. the Presenter/Teacher’s computer mus be running Windows), there are alternative SRN Client applications that can be used by participants. Currently there are clients for Windows, Apple OSX and Linux as well as an Apple iPhone/iPod Touch client , but development is proceeding on  with plans for clients for other mobile and handheld devices.

The links below are all standalone (portable) applications for various operating systems. Just right-click (or Option-Click on the Mac) the desired client and Save it to your Desktop or any other folder. They are ready to run with Student Response Network v2. The iPod Touch/iPhone Client is available from the Apple AppStore.

Need a Printable Brochure for Student Response Network?
Just click here

SRN Question Template Options:

Here are some free downloads you can use with various applications to create your own SRN Question slides for use in class. Just right-click the desired template link and choose Save to Disk:

Any comments? Just add them below.



  1. What an amazing and simple bit of software. We have been underutilizing our computer classroom for years and with one simple download, I see the type of stuff we could have been doing. I’ve just ordered the full version of SRN and can’t wait to try it out with my students. Thanks!

  2. I downloaded the SRN Trial about two hours ago and have been playing with it on my home network (3 PCs). I must say I’m very impressed and can’t wait until school resumes next week to give it a go with my students (if the snow lets up) 🙂

  3. Sounds great but will have to wait till I go back to school as my home computer is a Mac!

  4. Hi Jane. I’m hoping to have a Mac client ready by the end of the month, but you’ll still need a Windows PC to behave as the server for SRN.

    @Erich: Snow! Don’t have much of that in sunny Sydney, Australia, so I can’t relate. Let me know how it goes.

    @Jean: Thanks for your order. I’m sure the students will love it! I’ve just posted some new templates for PPT and Word that you can use.

  5. Stu, I tried it at home and it looks fantastic. Unfortunately our main lab at school is Mac so I would really love to see the Mac client soon.

    You never cease to amaze me,

  6. Any plans for a server app to run on a Mac?

  7. Hi Sue. There are no current plans to make an OSX version of the SRN Server application. If you have an all Mac computer setup, you could introduce a Windows notebook or even netbook to run the server module with all your Mac clients.

  8. Hi Stu,
    Well done – looks great. Will try it tomorrow.
    However when I try to download the ActivStudio Flipchart or the Smart Notebook file I get a file called
    When I unzip the file there a a list of files the computer will not recognise.
    Have I missed something???

  9. Hi Don. Glad you like the look of it. I assume you have Promethean ActiveStudio software v3 installed in order to open the ActivStudio flipchart? And you have Smart Notebook software v9 in order to open the Notebook file?

  10. We have about 100 students in a one-to-one laptop environment and are in the process of ordering this application. Is there a limit of 40 students in the school using the application at any one time, or is it just limited to 40 in one classroom at a time?

    • Hi Gayle. If you buy a single server licence, you can run the SRN Server module on on server. That server is capable of running to up to 40 clients at any one time.

      If you buy a campus-wide licence, you can install SRN Server on as many teacher computers as you like at your school campus and run them simultaneously. Each of those SRN Servers can connect up to 40 SRN Clients.

      Typically, you run one SRN server with up to 40 clients per room. It is not possible to connect more than 40 clients to the one SRN Server. Hope that clarifies.

  11. I really like this product. I’ve tried to get clickers, but they’re just too expensive.

    My question is – is there any way to keep a tally, yet still hide the tally so the students can’t see it? I like to use this with different skills in reading and content areas. I’d like it to keep a tally of how many questions a student is getting correct (for me to use at a later time), but I don’t like that the students can see it. Is there any way to “hide” this from the students?

  12. Hi Jim, Glad you like it. Good question about hiding the scoreboard – some students may not appreciate it if it is obvious they are not going well. Here’s the way I would do it.
    1) Enable your question type and ask your question.
    2) When all students have responded, click the button to show the Results bar chart
    3) Uncheck the “Show Clients” option to hide the client list
    4) Discuss, then select the correct option on the bar chart (the scoreboard will be updated, but won’t be visible)
    5) Close the bar chart
    6) Check “Show Clients” to re-show the student list in alpha order.

    That should do it for you.

  13. HI Stu, love you software, great ideas. Could you possibly put up the Visual Basic file for your software up so developers could edit and fiddle with it?


  14. Hi Daniel. If SRN wasn’t a commercial product, I’d have possibly done that. Instead, I’ve made it as affordable as possible.

    • No prob! thanks.
      Love your software

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  16. Any thoughts on an app for iPod Touch / iPhone?

    • Hi Steve, It’s coming. Hope to have it available by year’s end.

  17. Any thought about the server on the Linux platform? I am interested, but would like to run things on my Linux platform.

    • Hi M. I’ve never tried it, but you could see if it works under Wine. There are no plans to produce a Linux-native version of the Server module at this stage.

  18. […] product? By the way- he’s in the last stages of making one for the iPod Touch and iPhone. Free trial for as long as you like- BUT will only support up to 5 computer connections. There are versions for Windows, Apple and […]

  19. Have you tried to run the server from WINE windows emulator on a mac? I’ll try.

    • Hi Dan T. I have only run it with Parallels on a Mac. Never tried WINE on mac or Linux. Please let us know how it goes.

  20. I am just a beginner with the student response clickers and I downloaded your SRN question template. I like how colorful it is, but I just don’t understand how to use it. When I click on the Senteo icon, it says there is no smart response question. I am sorry to not understand, but if you have time, can you explain? thanks

    • Hi Denise, Sounds like you bought Senteo clickers, but are trying to use a template from Student Response Network (a different clicker solution). The two are not compatible.

  21. Hi Stu
    Love your work!
    We just had v1.4 installed a couple of weeks ago and its beginning to take off with staff now. How do we upgrade to the new 2.1? We’d love to have the text option too.

  22. How do you integrate the powerpoint slides with the srn software?

  23. I don’t even know if I need SRN. I have a series of “text snippets” which are general hints. If you have to click on the hint to reveal the actual step needed to complete the task, an amount is deducted from your score. Can you help?

    • Hi Ivor, Sounds like you’re after something pretty specific that SRN doesn’t do.

  24. Hi Stu
    Are you looking to make an Android version of the SRN Client like you iPod version?
    Many of my kids are buying Android phones over iPhones and for them to be able to connect to a SRN via what ever phone they have would make SRN even more versatile.

    • Hi Greig. Yes, I do have plans to release an Android version of SRN Client, but I’m still finalising the iPad version. I hope to start on the Android version around February. I have no idea how long it will take at this stage.

  25. Hi,

    I’m trying to runt he free trial to check out the software. Do you have a version that can run on a mac? I’m running it on windows 7, which i have on my mac using vmware fusion. The client’s have trouble identifying it as the server and it keeps hanging up. is there a way to run the server on my mac?

    • Hi Chad. For SRN Clients to work, they need to be able to firstly be able to ping the server PC’s IP address. Is the IP of the server in the same range as the clients or has VMware done some Network Address Translation? Ideally, it should be in the same range and the clients should be able to ping it. Then, the first time you run SRN Server, you should be logged on as Local Admin because when you start the SRN Server, Windows Firewall might pop-up and you’ll need to ALLOW the program to accept incoming requests. Once that’s fine, it should work OK.

      At this stage, there is no OSX version of SRN Server.

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  27. How do I correct an error 9 when saving results?

    • Hi Kelly, Could you tell me 1. Have you been able to replicate this problem or did it happen only once? 2. How many questions would you have asked in the session?

  28. It happened several times (around 6). I turned off my computer, rebooted, and then I had no problems.
    The following day, I received a run time 62 error. Tried rebooting, didn’t help. Received this error twice. Called my tech guy, he came and ran a practice session with the kids and things were miraculously fine.
    The very next session I got another error 62. I wondered if my iPad was interfering for some reason (I was running the system through Doceri). I disconnected my iPad, rebooted my computer and the session saved the results without a problem.
    The very next time I had another error 62. For the rest of the day (I had four more classes) I received either an error 9 or an error 62.

    Each time I got the error there were 10 questions, all multiple choice.

    Anytime I did a practice run with just two or three clients, it seemed to run fine.
    All of my classes are around 30+ students, not sure if that is the issue.
    Of course, having 30+ students, I LOVE the instant feedback I get from SRN and the kids are so engaged. Can’t wait to get this problem solved.

    We used the buzzer to play a review game recently – it was fantastic! Monday we are trying the quiz boxes.

    Sorry for all the info, just trying to give you anything that might help. Let me know if you need anything else.

    Thanks so much,

  29. I also have students using their iPods and iPhones to connect as clients.

    • Thanks for the extensive feedback Kelly. I’ve been trying to replicate both the Error 9 and the Error 62 but have been unable to . I don’t have Doceri. I just looked it up and it seems to be a way to control the WIndows computer that runs SRN Server using an iPad. I have no idea if that’s causing the issue or not. Have you been able to replicate the problem by only working from the Windows PC directly?

  30. Yes the problem occurs whether I have Doceri connected or not.
    Ironically, I used SRN for 6-10 sessions and it worked perfectly. Now I can hardly get it to work without an error when trying to save the responses.

    It seems the only time I don’t get the error message is when I have less than 10 clients connected, although I haven’t tested this extensively.

    • Hi Kelly. If SRN worked perfectly for 6-10 sessions, then you started having problems, then something has changed on your PC because in that time, SRN has not changed. Any chance you could test SRNserver using another computer? Unfortunately, it’s really difficult for me to determine what has caused the issue on your PC, but I can confirm this problem is not being reported elsewhere. One thing I’ll suggest is turning off any 3rd-party firewall you may have and seeing if that helps. Hope you can sort it out.

  31. Hi Stu,

    My name is Eric Smith I purchased SRN a few years ago for our teachers. Kelly has been having issues so I thought I’d take over. You suggested we try another machine. I gave her a new machine with Win 7 Pro and Office 10. Had 10 students connected and tried a yes/no and multiple response question. I ended session and tried to save the results. Immediately got the error Kelly refers to. Kids have no problem responding… they are picked up by the server. Converting those responses to excel is not working. Even when it does the names and results are jumbled around and not in orderly fashion. Firewall shouldn’t have effect on this error as results are being logged!

  32. Thanks Eric for discussing this further offline. It appears that Kelly has an older version of SRN. Updating to the latest should resolve the issue.

  33. Hi we are planning one online quiz for our tv programme .We need to have some app running on mobile phones of the audience and final results populated in some screen showing only quiz process(via some click)-question,results…is there any option to integrate the results with our own graphics playout engine(Vizrt).We need to have 4 teams with 25 memberes in each.

    • Sorry Deepak, you’ll probably need to look at something else.

  34. Hi Stu,
    Looking forward to an Android version when it’s available. 🙂

  35. Hi Stu,
    In the culture I teach, students are so obsessed with their smartphones, and have such lack of self-control, that admin wouldn’t even allow me to use a smartphone capable polling system unless the client app had restrictions to prevent students from switching to other pursuits (or could be tracked, so students knew they would pay). Looks like I may have to go open-source to get what I want. Additionally, your SRN sounds awesome but like the previous poster I would need availability of Android app to use in classroom as an everyday virtual clicker system.

    • Unfortunately, I have no ETA for an Android client unless someone is happy to develop one for free. I’ll gladly let them know what they need to have the program do.

  36. Let me know what is needed for the Android app – it might be a good project for one of our IT students.

  37. I love this software though not yet tried it. Please, can the client be made for android devices also?

  38. Are you planning to provide an android client?

    • Not me personally. Waiting for Dale (above), unless someone else can put one together for free.

  39. Thank you for the wonderful program! I cannot wait to test it out. Your responses time on these comments are great!


  40. Hi, I cannot download the free trial because i am getting a Gateway Antivirus warning. If I directly “save as,” the ZIP will not open.

    • What antivirus system are you using? Some of the free ones are producing a false positive. There is NO malware or adware in SRN.

  41. Hey Stu – how about Windows Phone and Android Phone devices? How about a SAAS solution where anyone on any device can just open a web page in a browser and interact?

    Anything currently available to do that (or in the works)?

    Great solutions! Thanks!

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