Student Response Network is developed by Parallel Divergence Software (Stu Hasic). I like to write software in my spare time. You can see some of the other stuff I do at these two websites:

StuHasic.com – My other software and my interactive brain teaser site
ParallelDivergence.com – My blog where my random thoughts pour out into articles

Other than that, I work pretty hard in the public education sector and much of my software is targeted at schools. As for Student Response Network, well developing this has been a whole lot of fun. Very challenging for me because I’ve used programming techniques that I’ve never applied before and together with Stu’s QuizBoxes! it’s probably another application I’ve made that is likely to have worldwide appeal. That’s why this site was developed to go with it. I hope after a short while to be able to say that Student Response Network is really making a difference in classrooms around the world.

Feel free to tell me of your experiences with Student Response Network  in the comments box below.





  1. Hi Stu,

    stumbled over your page during my research into Student Response Systems and have to say extremely impressed. I am a lecturer in Technologies for Primary Education at University of Dundee. Could you advise me how much it would be to purchase this to use with students in the hope they will develop this further with children whilst on placements?



  2. Hi Sharon,

    Details are on the Order page: http://studentresponsenetwork.com/order/

    If you want it for use in just one computer lab, it’s US$65. If you’d like to be able to use it in any number of computer labs at one campus, it’s US$129.

  3. I would like to know if this product works across a segmented VLAN? We have had issues with other software that could not locate computers in other VLANS.

    Thank you,


    • Hi Donna. The program works typically in a computer lab or with wireless notebooks. The key requirement is that the “client” PCs are able to “see” the server (or presenter’s) PC. It may require unlocking a port (typically 3128, but can be set to any other port), but I don’t see why it won’t work. Download the trial and test it until you are satisfied one way or the other. Let us know what you find out.

  4. Hi Stu

    We have wireless MacBooks. I see that there is a Mac client download, but I can’t see a download for a Mac server. Does this mean that the server has to be on a PC?

    • Hi Fran, yes, the SRN Server Module requires a Windows 2000, XP or Vista computer for the host (or teacher’s) PC. Clients can be any mix of Windows, Apple OSX and Linux desktops or laptops – wired and/or wireless.

  5. Thanks for the quick reply, Stu! We have a great MacBook program working here at Matthew Flinders through Active Directory on a Windows Server. I have just run the server software on my Windows partition from my MacBook and the client software on the student MacBook and it worked perfectly first go! I think I will be throwing my 25 clickers in the bin!!

  6. Any chance you are considering writing iPhone or Blackberry apps that could be used in place of purchased clickers? A student could be asked to purchase the app as a part of their classroom book expenses and would carry it with them to use in class?

    I like what Turning Technologies has done with their ResponseWare product and their portable apps to go with it but like the look and feel of your product better.

  7. Hi Chad. Yes, an iPhone/iPod Touch app is on the cards and should be ready within two months. It will require an 802.11 wireless access point to work though, (not via phone system). Final costing for the app is still being determined. Schools wishing to head down the iPod Touch path will need to buy the app from Apple’s AppStore as well as purchasing the server module here. Remember, SRN Server will work in tandem with other students responding using Linux/OSX/Windows desktops, notebooks or netbooks!

  8. Are the iPhone/Ipod Touch apps available?

    • Hi Fre, Yes! The iPod Touch/iPhone app is finished. Check the Downloads page for more info.

  9. Hi Stu,
    Last year I purchased the SRN for my school and am wondering about how to get the new and improved upgraded version.

    • Hi Gayle, I’ve sent you an email with details for obtaining the upgrade at a discounted price.

  10. I would love to see a corporate and/or online version which executive committees could use for conference calls. Can it be altered to be used with a cloud server to be used in this sense? I don’t want to go as far as to have to use Adobe Connect Pro for conference calls just to have access to the hand-raise feature. Thoughts?

    • Hi Steve,

      SRN will work across a Wide Area Network, but not necessarily across the Internet. Providing your distributed clients can “see” the SRN server computer via IP address, SRN will work. Download the trial and see what you can/can’t do with it.

  11. Hi Stu,
    We run macbooks at our school with VMware. Although when we run the server it gives the ip address of the virtual machine and not the ip address of the macbook. This causes the clients not being able to connect. e.g. vm ip macbook ip
    Is there any way around this? Will you be making a mac compatible SRN Server?

  12. Hi Stu,

    We’re looking at adding an SRN-style piece of software for a professional training environment. Problem is, we would need to have up to 300 clients at once. Do you have any plans to administer on that large of a scale in the near future?

  13. I’d love to get a little more information about the SRN app. Specifically how it could be used for a large conference of roughly 450 people.

    Any additional information would be helpful. Particularly, how the polling can be limited to a specific group, screen shots, how data can be retrieved.


    • Hi Jim and Ned – Since you both asked just about the same question, I can let you know that in the short term, there are no plans to extend the number of clients beyond 50 – the current program is designed mainly for use in a classroom. In 2011, it is intended to redevelop the software to produce an application (probably with a different name) for much larger groups.

      • Hi Stu,
        Any closer to producing an application to handle more than 50 clients? Up to 200.
        Please … please! 🙂

      • Hi Bandy. Unfortunately, I hit a brick wall. SRN uses IPv4 addressing for the server and clients. Unless you have an extended IP address range, you’re restricted with the number of addresses that can be allocated in the one subnet. It’s not so simple a task to suddenly make available 200 IP addresses for the client devices and you’d need to get your network administrators intimately involved, which with the current product, I’ve mostly been able to avoid.

  14. Hi Stu,

    I’m using SRN to do Free Text responses. Under active clients list it does not show which students have answered the question. Should it show which students have responded like with MC or Yes/No?


    • Hi Theo, No, it doesn’t show a marker to say which students have answered a Free Text question as it does for other types. It only shows the number of free text responses received. This is because with free text, it is possible for individual students to submit multiple responses. Hope you’re enjoying using SRN at your school.

  15. Hi Stu,

    I’ve installed the SRN Server on a Windows virtual machine (VMWare) within a Macbook Pro. We have used the software on Bootcamped Mac’s in the past and found that it worked over the wireless network.

    The Windows virtual machine is given a random IP (not the Macbook Pro IP) through an inbuilt DHCP in VMWare. The Macbook Pro can act as the client on the Mac O/S but cannot act as the Server on the Windows 7 Pro virtual machine.

    Please help!

  16. If I get the free trial and only have like 1 or 2 people will it be 100% FREE FOREVER or will I have to pay sometime later? I really need this but it must be 100% Free Forever?! Please Reply Back


  17. Stu
    Love your software but cannot implement due to computer being a mac and there is not server software for mac. Is this in the works at all. I have multiple teacher at my school very interested in this software but we can’t use it. I have tried running it in parallels and running an xp image with the server but it will not accept connections.

    Any plans for mac server software

    • Sorry Jamie. No plans at this stage. Too many other projects.

  18. I just downloaded the trial and copied the server files on to Windows 7 64 bit laptop. Then I installed a client on an iPad2. Both systems are connecting via wifi in same room. (I do NOT have a projector connected to the server computer.) I started the server and successfully connected with client (server showed 1 client connected with the name displayed. After I enabled a yes/no response, as soon as I pressed the Yes button on the client, the server windows disappear. This happened multiple times. Then I added a client to the server machine and it connected, but when I pressed Yes button on this client, the server disappeared and this time there was an error message that the server disconnected or is invalid. Any idea what might be happening?

    • Hi Steve. I’m suspecting you have a local firewall/internet security product that is likely causing the issue. Best to continue this discussion via email – stu_hasic@yahoo.com

  19. Are there any plans to develop an Android app?

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  21. does this work with iPads? if so, is it an app you install on them for this to connect to the host PC? thanks

    • Hi Greg, There was a free iPad app available for the past four years until the start of February. It’s now no longer available.

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