Posted by: paralleldivergence | January 8, 2010

SRN Client for iPod Touch/iPhone

So many 1:1 schools around the world have found Student Response Network to be a fabulous addition to their wireless netbooks and notebooks, but there have also been many calls from schools that invested in the more affordable Apple iPod Touch as an interactive connected device for their students to use.

We’re happy to announce development has been finalized and that a new iPod Touch and iPhone app is available from Apple’s AppStore. Student Response Network will now run with these excellent handheld devices, working in conjunction with the teacher’s Windows-based SRN Server module.  Here’s a sneak peek at the iPod Touch Client for SRN in action.

The price? Absolutely FREE!



  1. We are very excited about the iTouch release since we are experimenting with the use of iTs in a Jr High Language Arts class. The texting capability will be amazing! Please expedite the process. We even volunteer to help “fine tune” the app before release! Thank you.

  2. It’s getting very close. Have a look at this YouTube clip to see one of the earlier versions of it in action:

  3. When is this app released. I can not find it in the app store.

    • It has been released – way back on March 4 – and it’s been very successful. You’ll find it here:

      Or if you go the Apps Store on your iPhone or iPod Touch, just search for SRN Client.

      • I have tried itunes and my iphone to find SRN client but no luck is it still avalible?

  4. Hi Stu
    Are you looking to produce an Android version of SRN. App Inventor would b perfect for an easy to use IDE for its development.

    • Yes Greig. I’ve already discovered App Inventor, but time will be the issue. I’m currently working on an iPad version.

  5. Maybe a silly question but can the iphone and ipad touch be used for a LAN wired connection or only from one that is set up wireless.

  6. For clarification, the server would be on a wired LAN. Just wondering if ipad touch and iphone would be able to work as clients if the server is not set up on a wireless connection.

    • Absolutely. The teacher’s (server) PC can be either wired or wireless, but the iPod/iPads must be 802.11 wireless (not 3G) connected to the same network as the server.

  7. Hi, I am trying to run the Server on a Windows 7 64-bit machine but keep getting the “Run-time error ‘339’: component MSCOMCTL.OCX or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid.”

    Research online indicates this means your program can’t run under Windows 7 64-bit. Is this what you’ve found? Are there workarounds? A new version being developed?

    • SRN works fine on WIn 7 64bit. You probably need to install .net . The latest version is .net 4. Do a google search for .net 4 and install it. Another issue may be needing to allow the app to work through your firewall. When SRN server starts a firewall popup should appear if it needs to be allowed.

    • Hi Aaron, Greig is right. SRN does work fine with 64-bit Windows 7. Please ensure all Windows updates have been applied. This is usually the cause of the issue.

      • My OS has all updates. I finally got the SRN Server working by downloading and manually registering the .ocx file in my syswow64 folder (solution suggested by others online). Thanks for your quick reply!

    • Interesting Aaron. Have never had to do that. There are many schools running it with Win 7 64-bit. Will take note of this if anyone else reports it. Thanks.

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