Posted by: paralleldivergence | November 29, 2009

The Power of SRN’s FreeText

With the release of version 2.0 of  Student Response Network comes the much-requested arrival of Free-text responses! Not only is SRN the easiest to use physical or Virtual clicker solution available, but now it accepts another response type from students – words, phrases, sentences and numbers – SRN FreeText!

Enabling FreeText...

A few days ago, I had the pleasure of being invited to present Student Response Network to a group of about 50 school ICT coordinators covering schools from K through 12. This was the first group anywhere to see the newest version in action and immediately, it was evident that they were forming ideas for how the software could be used in their classrooms.

When it came to demonstrating SRN’s new FreeText feature, I decided to open it up to the floor.  I asked them the question:

What activity do you think SRN FreeText could be used for in the classroom?”

I allowed them each a single response only. All responses were anonymous and the responses were hidden until I chose to reveal them to the group.  After close to 20 responses had come in, I decided to review what was submitted with the group. A simple click on the “Show Responses” option revealed the following:

SRN FreeText Responses

I was pleased by the range of responses that had come in. It was clear that SRN FreeText could be used to gather all kinds of responses for a variety of purposes. We discussed some of the ideas displayed and then I opened it up again, by clicking “Multi Response” on SRN Server, each person was now able to add more ideas using what they see now as a stimulus.  The answers kept coming in and at the end, the teachers could really see the value of this tool, and they realised exactly how engaging the activity is for participants.

What do you think you could use SRN’s FreeText response option for?



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  2. That’s very impressive. I’ve just got my SRN upgrade to v2.1, so I’ll try some of those ideas with freetext responses.

    In addition, I also thought another good activity for freetext response is to have the students ASK QUESTIONS. I could have freetext enabled for a whole lesson and have students submit any questions they may have as we are going through. The responses would be hidden, but being accepted in the background. Then toward the end of the lesson, I could show the responses and we could go through answering some of the questions. I believe this could be an everyday activity for SRN.

    Just remember, it was my idea. 🙂

  3. That’s a great idea Jeremy! I can see it being used in classrooms everywhere – The “Jeremy Harrington Question Session” 🙂

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