Posted by: paralleldivergence | November 29, 2009

Playing QuizBoxes with SRN Clients as Buzzers

Stu’s QuizBoxes is another of my programs, a completely free educational activity that puts a quiz game show in your classroom. But did you know that your Student Response Network Clients can be used as buzzers for QuizBoxes?

By connecting your SRN Clients to the SRN Server (teacher’s) computer and having QuizBoxes also on the teacher’s computer, the two programs can interact to provide a brilliantly engaging educational activity for the whole class.

The QuizBoxes game board

Above is a screen shot of the QuizBoxes game board, a set of thirty questions broken into six categories, with questions sorted into increasing difficulty. It’s a great game that you can build and present to your students. Your students can even build the quizzes themselves!

When a student selects a category and a point value, the teacher clicks it and the question behind that QuizBox appears:

A QuizBoxes Question Screen

At this point, in a school where Student Response Network is not available, some other form of buzzer is needed – a percussion instrument, a (physical) raise of hands, a call out of your (or your team’s) name etc.

But with Student Response Network, all that needs to be done at the start of the QuizBoxes game (after your SRN clients have connected) is to click on the “Enable Buzzer” checkbox and for any of the students to click on their purple “Raise Hand” button in the SRN Client.

left: SRN Server - right: SRN Client

The first student to “Raise their Hand” will cause a buzzer window to appear over the top of the QuizBoxes question and the teacher can then acknowledge that student to get them to answer.  In order to stop students from buzzing-in too early, the buzzer window intentionally COVERS the question, so if students are racing to buzz-in, they will not be able to answer because they will not have seen the question. In QuizBoxes, a failure to answer, or an incorrect answer means the point value of the selected question gets DEDUCTED from the team or person that buzzed-in.

The SRN "buzzer" covering the question

If you’ve got Student Response Network, you really should be playing QuizBoxes with your class. If you’ve got QuizBoxes, it’s so much better with Student Response Network!


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