Posted by: paralleldivergence | November 28, 2009

Updated Mac OSX SRN Client

Now that I ordered a copy of RealBasic 2009 Professional for OSX, I’ve been able to do some extra development to Norman Palardy’s original port of my Windows client.  Since Norman’s release, there were some improvements to the Windows version of SRN Client, and these have now been replicated in the updated OSX SRN Client.  Changes include the moving of the Connection details to the bottom and the introduction of FreeText response:SRN Client for OSX

Then when you have successfully connected to the SRN Server, the Connection details disappear leaving a nice, small SRN Client with just those buttons you need to respond with:
SRN Client for OSX when connected...To redisplay the Connection details (and to Disconnect manually), you click the handle at the bottom.  The updated SRN Client for Mac OSX is available right now for free from the Downloads page.


  1. […] UPDATE: The OSX SRN Client has now been updated. Details are HERE. […]

  2. Dag nabbit good stuff you whiprpsenappres!

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