Posted by: paralleldivergence | May 2, 2009

Got a 1:1 Laptop Program at Your School?

Many individual schools and school districts are looking to implement 1:1 Laptop programs for their students. By providing students with access to their own untethered (wireless) notebook, the whole world can be at their fingertips. But that brilliant learning device is not only great for finding information, it’s also great for two-way communication.

Student Response Network is the perfect inclusion for every school’s 1:1 laptop program. Why spend thousands on individual hand-held clickers when you’ve already spent many thousands more on the laptops?  Especially when just by adding Student Response Network you can turn your existing laptops into very powerful clickers that can do so much more!

  • Describe a concept or topic to the class
  • Students can then independently use the web to research the concept or topic
  • They can run through a scavenger hunt or webquest to help them understand it
  • They can produce a multimedia presentation to show their understanding of the topic or concept
  • You can quiz them on their understanding using Student Response Network
  • You can tailor further tuition as required to reinforce that topic or concept before moving on

…and all of it can be done with that one learning device in front of each student.

If your school has a 1:1 Laptop Program, then congratulations to you for taking the risk to provide your students with the teaching and learning toolbox of the 21st Century. But if you haven’t added Student Response Network to that toolbox, then you are missing a vital component needed to help build the best education for each of your students.

Student Response Network. Take it for a test drive today. Download the free trial.



  1. Hi Stu.
    Thank you for developing SRN. Is it going to be installed on det laptops? My staff and I were amazed that this was such an easy system to use.


  2. Hi Ken, yes, it is expected to go on the DER laptops from the start of 2010.

  3. Can we use this program with Macs? and what other equipment is needed to run the virtual clicker software other than wireless internet and laptops?

  4. Are there any plans to add Mac capability for the teachers computer?

    • No plans at this stage. The SRN Server (teacher’s computer) must be running Windows. This can be done on a Mac using Bootcamp or VMWare/Parallels.

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