Posted by: paralleldivergence | January 6, 2009

Thinking about buying Clickers?

Many teachers and schools are seriously contemplating spending many hundreds or even thousands of dollars on hand-held “clicker” devices from one of the thirty or so different companies that are producing them. While features like battery life, robustness and ease of use are important, the best aspect of most clicker solutions is the software and how it deals with the responses and reports back the results to the teacher or presenter. With so many players in the game, it’s not going to be easy to determine which way to head.

Then when you think you are ready, you jump in and buy a kit of 30 or so clickers to “share” between classes. Then you realize that when these devices are shared, they need to be registered for each user, each session!  This takes up valuable lesson time and makes using the clickers a lot more cumbersome than they really should be. Why do you think it is that most colleges and universities that use clickers force the students to buy their own? While that’s reasonable for a college student, it’s not really for a K-12 student and it certainly isn’t for ICT Training participants.

Then one of the biggest problems is that taking on a student response solution often requires some changes in teaching practice. It can be an expensive choice buying a hand-held clicker solution only to find it’s not getting used as effectively or as often as one would hope. We’ve all seen that happen to ICT purchases in the past.

That’s where Student Response Network makes a lot of sense. For almost no cost, your school or training centre can get all the advantages of a traditional clicker solution to test, to evaluate, to train your staff. There’s little or no risk and Student Response Network can still be a stepping stone to the more expensive hand-held solutions when your staff are really ready for it.

Don’t risk making a dud purchase. Get Student Response Network and see if this type of technology is right for you.



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